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BS 1402 Link Belt Useage

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    The nickle stands during startup, while runnning and when shut down. It is the older saw. I dont know why the newer saw would have a problem unless some people have lemons. I put a piece of plywood on the base for tool storage. You might want to try making a shelf on the base and putting a couple of bags of sand on it. That might kill enough vibration to make the saw usable.
    I would love to get the woodcellar up and running again. This is the 3rd time I've had major problems with a webhost. They move my site between servers and it messes the site up. It is difficult for me to reinstall everything when they move it. It is 2 days work to do it, which I dont have the time for.
    I like having an independant forum. I am looking for a hosted forum where I will not be responsible for the site running correctly but will be at the mercy of the host to keep me if they do not like the content.
    I'll let everybody here know when it is up.
    Thanks for the interest.


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      Originally posted by cjh20 View Post

      Do you think there may be a difference in quality between your gray saw and the newer 14002? It seems like the problems reported in this forum have increased recently.

      As an aside, do you plan on getting the Wood Cellar up and running again?
      The site is up and running now.
      You can get to the forum by going to and clicking on the "Wood Talk" button.