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tp1300 thickness planner blades

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  • tp1300 thickness planner blades

    has anyone tried to have the blades sharpened or does anyone make a carbide blade for this planner?

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    The blades cannot be sharpened. The reason is that sharpening them makes them shorter and there are no jacking screws to raise them. I have seen carbide knives on the web for it but don't recall where,Grizzly maybe.
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      I don't own the Ridgid planer so I'm not sure what the size of the knives are. Maybe one of these will work.
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        Re: tp1300 thickness planner blades

        Did you see this?

        Originally posted by wrong17 View Post
        I have been reading that the Ryobi AP1301 planer blade will also work for the Ridgid TP1300 planner. Does anyone know if that is true?

        The part number for the Ryobi blade is: 089170101062
        And the blade size is 19mm x 1.8mm x 344mm

        Can anyone verify that those blade will fit? If not where can i get some replacement blades for the TP1300?
        Originally posted by dlgdoo View Post
        Yes they are interchangable. I looked at a set today at my local HD. They were Ridgid brand and it says on the back it will also work with the Ryobi AP1301.