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Got XLi™ Hammer Drill and more

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  • Got XLi™ Hammer Drill and more

    Hey All!

    Got the following stuff:

    a) One XLi™ 24 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Hammer Drill, 2 bats, 1 mono-position charger

    b) One Max Select™ R883 Dual Voltage Jig Saw

    c) One Max Select™ R8804 Dual Voltage Adhesive/Caulk Gun

    First impressions:

    ### DRILL ###

    Have used the drill for 4 days now, working w/ fiberglass boats drilling hole saw holes for panel instruments.

    Very powerful,
    Amazing chuck. Fast, strong and easy to hold and release drill bits
    Fade free battery really works.
    Charger is very fast and does not heat the batteries
    Nice 4 LEDs battery level indicator in a touch of a button

    There in not weight information anywhere.

    ### Jig Saw ###

    Only used once to cut a boat 2" tick fiberglass/plywood sandwich. Very powerful, fast and almost no vibration felt. Need to use it a bit more to tell anything.

    ### Adhesive/Caulk Gun ###

    Not used yet but I like the auto pressure relief feature. You release the gun and it reverses the plunge about ¼" to relief the pressure.

    Best from

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