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  • hello! new shop!

    Hi everyone. My name is Jason (a/k/a Tig) and I've been lurking for a while waiting for my account to be approved.

    I've always been a fan of Ridgid tools, and went a little crazy last week. I've been starting to do some woodworking, beginning with a large danish modern style platform bed, made from walnut (it's *almost* done). Unfortunately, I've had to use a friends shop, which gets old, so I decided to get myself a tablesaw first, then start to build up a bit of a shop.

    Well, on a whim, I stopped in my local Cummins tool last week, and here they have a Ridgid TS3650, 6" jointer, 13" thickness planer, all the big nice tools. My wife had already given me permission (ha!) to buy a tablesaw, so I figured at $396 for this one, I couldn't go wrong. But then the manager came over, and here's how it went down:

    Manager: "That's our last one - floor model - I'll take 5% of the price."
    Me: "Excellent. But.....would you take it down any more?"
    Manager: "Depends, do you want to buy anything else?"
    Me: "Sure - jointer, planer, dust collector, and how about one of those miter saw utility vehicles."
    Manager: "Oh, heck, I'll take 10% off of it all."
    Me: (Phone to ear) "Honey, don't be mad......."

    Long story short, I've got a nice setup now for under $1500. I've made a few toothpicks and tested everything out, and I think I have the beginnings of a nice shop!! I think this forum will be a great resource too!

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    Wow!!! Congrats, Jason. Sounds like you're all ready to go. Can't wait to hear how things are coming along.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Is the new shop big enough to live in ???? LOL I would offer my extra bed room but it's a little to far to commute!
      I'm sure everything will work out OK !!!!

      Welcome aboard !!!
      Everyone thinks there problems are more important than yours!


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        My shop is a pretty decent's the width of a one car garage stall, but a bit deeper. The full size fridge (used only for beer, of course) takes up a bit too much room, but that's a sacrifice I'll just have to make. Naturally, I don't use the fridge until done playing with tools. I'm hoping to keep all of my digits, and Guiness surely won't help with that.

        By next summer, though, this space will have to become the 3rd car stall (it is adjacent to our 2-car garage) as my project car will be back from the body shop and needing a home. So, I will be building a new tool shed / workshop in the back yard.


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          LOL! Love the story! You're "honey" must a little mellower than mine!

          Welcome to the forum!


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            TIG...What's the project car?
            Everyone thinks there problems are more important than yours!