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  • Shop vac muffler

    Has anyone used the shop vac muffler for Ridgid shop vacs? Does it work or not?

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    I have one...the difference is minimal, but it does diffuse it some.
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      The muffler doesn't difuse much on it's own, but my WD1650 came with a difuser attachment. I trimmed down the tops of the fins on the muffler and then attached the difuser to the muffler with 2 layers of double sided tape. Fits nice and snug and the difuser rests on the little "shelves" created by trimming the fins.
      Works much better with the two pieces combined.
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        Here's a link to a home made one:

        Wouldn't want to lug it from job to job, but for the home shop it would be OK. We have the Rigid muffler. I still use my ear plugs.


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          With the bad rap Ridgid shop vacs already have when it comes to noise levels, don't you think they would be standard equipment if they really worked?
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