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  • Good books?

    Hey guys I am looking for a good book to get started. I dont have a whole lot of tools. I am going to buy a table saw and SCMS in the next few weeks. I do have the normal 18V 6 piece set. Air compresser and 4 guns. I dont have a planer or jointer or belt sander. I want to start making some stuff. I learn fast and I am a asst. builder so I know how to to do most stuff on a house. So I guess what I am looking for is a good book to help me out and a good book for plans. I dont want to just keep buying plans online. That can get costly if it looks easy and turns out to bemore then I am ready for. Any ideas?

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    Local Library

    Start with your local Library. I found a few the other day that are pretty good. I even ordered one via Amazon (used $2.00) after I looked it over.
    Great way to get started.

    Try to find "Essential Projects for your Workshop" if you can. It has some nice plans for a new shop.



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      Here's one previous thread about books. Also, for free plans, you might want to go to PapaDan's web site, lot's of info and a free plans link.


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        You might look near the checkout at Home Depot and Lowes and also in the tool department at Sears. All three have had some books in the past. Do you have anything special you're looking for in a book?

        The library is a great starting place.


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          Fine Woodworking has a great selection of their books on sale at 30% off.
          Poplar Branch Wood Crafts


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            Woodworkers Book Club is a great source.
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