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Ridgid R3121 Jigsaw

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  • Ridgid R3121 Jigsaw

    Anybody own this saw?
    How does it stack up against the Bosch 1590EVSK?
    Yoroshiku onegai shimasu

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    I have the R3120, which is the made in Germany by Metabo, and think it is a fantastic saw. It tracks really well if the base is flush, and is leaps and bounds better than B&D i was using before.

    The blade guard makes it impossible to see your line, so I removed it (snaps right off, clear plastic cover).

    I picked up some Bosch Progressor blades which makes the cuts super easy to follow, I'm suprised how effortless it is with the combination of a strong saw and good blade.

    Also, the power and blade guide make it super easy to start your line.

    I still see the R3120 in stores, and it should be $99. I recently went to one HD and told them it was $99 at another location, they matched the price and beat if by 10%.

    Don't think you can go wrong with the 1590 either, I used it at a demo and thought it was fantastic. It's $134 on Amazon after 25 bucks off.

    Good Luck


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      Ditto on the R3120, not sure how the new one stacks up but if it is a copy of the 3120 then it should be a good saw


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        It's better than the Bosch, I've used both and the ridgid has more power. You can't beat it for $99.


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          Go with the Bosch!!! The "new" Ridgid is made in China. It also changed the variable speed dial. When the Ridgid was made in Germany, I would have said a toss up between Bosch and Ridgid. The last time I looked at Bosch, they still said made in Switzerland.
          In my opinion, the "new" tools that are made in China are lacking in QC. Hence, the lower price, cheap labor and quality!


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            i can almost guarantee there's an HD near you with at least one R3120 in stock.


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              See if you can find a german made one, it is a sweet jigsaw.
              You may also want to consider the Freud. It runs under $100 and IMO is every bit as good as the Bosch.


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                The German made ones were made under special contract by METABO. My understanding is that Metabo stopped making them for now, other than with their name on them and in a dark green color. If they say CHINA they are different saws even though they may look the same.


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                  Originally posted by Rafael View Post
                  ........You may also want to consider the Freud. It runs under $100 and IMO is every bit as good as the Bosch.
                  I agree, the Freud is one great jigsaw and a bargin to boot.
                  I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                    Went with the 1590

                    Thanks fellas for all the input.
                    I read most of the threads this afternoon before leaving work to go to HD.
                    Just as i figured, my crappy little HD didn't have any of the 3120s and only one of the 3121s.
                    I really got turned off by the whole Made in China thing so i dismissed the 3121. Even though i know that most of the Ridgid tools are exactly fine Swiss made watches.
                    I ended up getting the Bosch 1590EVSK. I read all kinds of reviews online about it and everyone loved it. It got top honors in the 2007 Tool Guide.
                    Anyway i paid a little more and got the Bosch.
                    I didn't read the threads on the Freud until now so i didn't get a chance to even look at one.
                    Oh well what's done is done.
                    Thanks again guys!
                    Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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                      Re: Ridgid R3121 Jigsaw

                      I wish that I'd read this forum before I bought the 2131 jigsaw. I had used it freehand and did not have any serious problems. When I tried to make a straight cut with a guide, it kept tracking off to the right. The blade was misalligned from the factory! The Rigid rep I talked to on the phone this morning admited that he has other calls on this problem and it is a manufacturer's defect. Luckily I was able to return it to HD since it was within the 90 day return window. I bought a Bosch 1590 to replace the Rigid crapola saw.