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  • 3612 for sale

    Hi fellas,
    I think my woodworking days are over, I had a stroke last november. My right side is practically useless. Anyway, I would appreciate if somebody would give me an idea how much I should ask for my "like new" 3612? Its been used less than an hour.

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    Sorry to read about the health issues MM'er. That's a serious deal - hope that some type of recovery can be made. This is the first time I have read/heard about it. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    On pricing question - that sale HD had seemed to dampen some of the prices being apid for a bit. Recently I have seen a few advertised in "very good condition" on market and asking $475/OBO. They disappear the next day so they selling fast. Just not sure if they are receiving the top dollar asked or taking something a bit less.

    I would price in a similar range and be sure to include the OBO - ads are not cheap and depending upon local demand if one holds firm it may take some additional time. Only you can value cost in terms of dollars-it may be less costly there.

    The 3612 is a respected saw - here it is about identical to the older 1022 Grizzly or General cs in pricing. Some prefer it - they believe they are easier to access sevice on. Whether true or not - perception is a HD on every corner.

    Good luck on selling it. And even better luck and wishes in your health


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      Another thought - have you considered placing it for sale on woodnet forum? Maybe that can generate some local interest for free.

      Nothing to lose to try it for a few days.


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        Thanks for the info and kind words, Chipmaker. I was thinking around $450.00. When spring comes I'll have a garage sale.

        Thanks again
        Buy American....if you can


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          ModelMaker-My best wishes and hopes for improved health go out to you also. FWIT I suffered a stroke several years back while dealing with chemo and heart issues. There was a time when I was informed I would never recover, never walk again due to damage. I hoped, I prayed - something happened for resons unknown. Today, while somewhat limited, I have recovered to point I can do nearly everything I used to, albeit in a much slower manner. Hopefully a similar miracle as I call it may befall upon you too. I'll pray it does.

          I may be able to locate a buyer for you around here - many were searching hard to locate one in early winter. It's the cost associated with getting it shipped tho - where abouts are you located? I have line on many contractors in midwest area - maybe someone will be close enough.
          And I would try the $475 also - a drop can always come if needed to finalize the deal. You state it's next to new - that might do it.

          Let me know details on location. Talk soon.
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            woodnet is a good idea, however if you're in a large metropolitan area, may get more money for it in local paper. MAYBE.

            Sorry to hear about your stroke and hope you recover well.



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              Sure wish you were closer...I would take it off your hands.....but shipping to arizona would be terrible!
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                modelmaker- I'm in Michigan, too (Brighton area). I could put-up a posting for you at Beaversmith Tool, ML Woodcutters, and a couple of other places in the area, if your close enough. Let me know if you'd like me to help.


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                  ModelMaker --- got a bite for you on this. Need general local. Willing to drive a ways if need be. $475 likely if as you say it is too.
                  Post up or better yet email me and I'll get info to him. He was about to get a 3650 this weekend at full sticker so this would be nicer deal.
                  I have to leave town this afternoon but will check email later in day.
                  Hope all is well.
                  Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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                    I agree with cranky, several people we know have had strokes and have come out of it with little side effects! the body is an amazing machine and reroutes things as necessary..maybe you could hang on a while ...who knows you might be able to use it yet! By the way, prayer and faith does wonders! Best wishes Dave
                    \"Aarrgh, sliver me timbers\"<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                      Thanks for the encouragement fellas but I'm afraid of it now. My outlook on life has suddenly changed. Want to spend every minute with the ol' lady instead of quiet hours alone in the shop. You guys made my day, though.

                      see ya
                      Buy American....if you can


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                        Hope you recover soon...and take care of yourself. My recommendation for selling your table saw is to go through ebay. I have seen many Ridgid saws sell for 500+ - it is unbelievable to see the power of a "marketplace".



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                          My father had a stroke about 22 years ago. It was very hard on him. It takes a lot of time in rehab to train your body to work again. I do remember that he stopped his rehab early to start work again. He noticibly didn't fully recover because he stopped short. My recommendation, from first hand observance, is work hard at that first year of rehab and try as hard as you can to not get discouraged (easier said than done). I met others that dedicated their time to rehab for the first year and the remnants of a stroke were not evident.

                          Best of luck to you and I am sure everyone here hopes for you and your family's best.