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Looking for plans for building dressers

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  • Looking for plans for building dressers

    Hi there. I am new to the forums and I am wanting to build my daughter a new dresser. Hers is to small and cheaply made just like the ones in the stores. I am wanting to build her one that we can all be proud of and to also let her and my other 2 kids get some hands on experience with. Any help would be greatly appreiciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I recommend a $5/mo subscription to Cancel any time. Tons of PDFs of plans of anything you can think of. And updated very frequently. You could easily get everything you need though in just a one month signup.


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      I built one last Christmas as a match to a mission bed. I modifed purchased plans (which were aweful!) and it turned out great. The link below is from my website (still under construction) which describes the project. This dresser was extremely easy to build and very strong, as evidenced by my 13 y/o daughter's abuse of it and still working perfectly. If you are interested, I'll put together the lumber/materials list and copies of my freehand plans and forward it by email. In any case, it's a fun project and good luck!

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        Here are a few places you can check out for dresser plans.
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