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    I recently was given the router combo with the fixed base and the plunge base. Is there a circular style handle available for it such as the one that Dewalt sells?

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    Uh, I think we need a little more information. What router combo were you given? Need model #. And you stated "circular handle"; do you mean "D" handle? Just trying to help.


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      If you're talking about the Ridgid combo then there isn't any other handles available except the ones that come with the router. Personally, I think that the design of the handles on the Ridgid may just give you a little better control of the router then the round handle design used by other mfgs.
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        model #

        I was given the combo model #R2930 which included both a fixed base and a plunge base, both of which have two handles located on exact opposite sides of the router. I am looking for a handle like the one found on this page

        Didn't mean to plug Dewalt, just wondering if Ridgid makes a similar accessory for my router. thanks