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    I've learned that any saw is only as good as the blade attached to it. Any suggestions re band saw blades? I haven't even assembled my Bandsaw yet and want to start off on the right "tooth"!
    keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.

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    In an earlier post, Mr Woody recommended Wolf and Olsen blades. The weld are aligned where other cheaper brands the weld is slightly offset.


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      You might want to consider Timberwolf blades from Suffolk Machinery. I've had some pretty good results with them. Even if you don't know which blades you want, just explain to the Suffolk service rep what you intend to use them for and they will recommend which blades to use.
      The prices are reasonable too.


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        In any reply, on any forum, with regards to recommendations for bandsaw blades, Timberwolf leads by 10:1.

        Browse the Suffolk Machinery website for 15 minutes and become an expert on blade selection and usage!! [img]smile.gif[/img]



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          If you get a 1/4 inch Timberwolf blade, maybe 10 tpi, I bet you use it most of the time. I have an 1/8 inch for fine (scrollsaw type) work, and a half inch for resaw, but far prefer the 1/4 inch Timberwolf for most things.


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            Thanks for the input guys.
            keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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              The folks at Suffolk are outstanding; I ordered 3 blades in May and with a hectic summer schedule I hadn’t had a chance to try them out until last month. Apparently Grizzly had altered their blade length from 92.5” to 93.5” on their G0555 and I inadvertently ordered the incorrect size. I called Suffolk 4 months after my initial purchase and informed them of my mistake and they exchanged my blades for the correct size. Their blades perform fantastic and their customer service is exceptional.



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                Timberwolf, Olsen,...does this mean stay away from the RIDGID blades?

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                keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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                  Band saw blades are like table saw blades. You get what you pay for. Buy a $15 TS blade from HD, it cuts 2x4's all day and does good. Then you put on your Forest blade to cut some expensive exotic wood so you have less waste.

                  Less expensive BS blades are not perfectly aligned at the weld in most cases, and as the weld passed the guide blocks it causes a ridge and gouge in the cut. Causing more of the wood to be machined away to get it finished.

                  Any blade will cut, it's how well you want the cut to be depends on what investment route you take on blades.
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