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Index on TS2424 front rail question

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  • Index on TS2424 front rail question

    I slid my rails over to allow for a wider ripping capability on my TS2424. Has anyone been able to remove the ruler/index from the front rail and re-attach so that they can still do rough adjustments without measuring?
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    I doubt if you will be able to remove and reuse the tape. One source for replacement tapes with adhesive backs is You'll find them on page 2032 of their website catalog.
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      Soften the adhesive by gently inserting a putty knife under the rule, and inject or brush solvent into the opening (I think I ultimately used lacquer thinner). As the adhesive softens, gently slide the putty knife, while trying to keep the rule flat and straight.
      To reuse, remove the remaining adhesive with solvent, clean the surfaces, then spray the back back of the tape with 3M Hi-Tech 90 Spray Adhesive if you think you want them (I still have mine, but did not reinstall them).
      However, the results may not be worth the effort. The rule is too short on the right, too long on the left. Take Badger Dave's advise and order the <a href= lgEdition=&RelatedCtlgPgs=2033,2034,2035,2036&sesn extrep=326442596359944&ScreenWidth=1024&McMMainWid th=800&ToolsetID=ToolPageFlip#> replacement rules </a> of the appropriate lengths.
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        Thanks for the input gents. I managed to get the rules off and reinstalled. They aren't too pretty but, they will work. I used some 2 part adhesive(light weight) to reinstall the rulers, then clamped down for about 30 minutes. Seems to be OK.

        I do think that I will eventually order the new rulers as per Badger Dave's info.
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          If you ever need to replace tape on saw, Woodcraft has a lot of choices.