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Large Mahogany Board -- What Next?

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  • Large Mahogany Board -- What Next?

    Hello all,

    I will soon be buying what I think is a pretty amazing piece of wood... solid mahogany, 12" wide, 5" thick by 12' long... all straight-grained and beautiful. I have been searching for a source of mahogany for a long time, and just happened to open my mouth in front of the right person who made this board available to me, so I'm pretty happy about finally getting some great mahogany for some long-awaited projects. Before I saw this board with my own eyes, I would never have thought pieces of mahogany like this even existed. After putting up with Woodcraft prices for hit-and-miss pieces all these years, I just couldn't be happier.

    The only trouble is: What the heck do I do with it to get some usable boards out of it? I live in the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio and was wondering if there were any mills around that could turn it into some 1" thick boards. Does anyone have any ideas? If you suddenly owned such a board, what would you do with it?

    Thanks in advance for any tips / suggestions / ideas!

    -- Greg

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    That is too good to pass on. Definately get some pro help to process it into 1" thick boards, or even have one plank cut at 1 1/2 or 2 inches.



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      Inquire about a bandsaw which will have less waste when you cut it into boards.

      Keep adjacent boards together or number or mark them some how so you can match the grain in a future project.

      You should be able to get 200 BF out of this plank cutting it into heavy 1" (9/8") pieces. Or maybe saw some thinner if you have a project in mind before hand.

      That would be I think the best suggestion for now, get the board and put it up (store it properly) until you decide on the project(s) you wish to build, then have it cut into boards of the thickness and width you need to suit the project. Cutting it all up now into 1" boards will end up wasting a good portion of it later when you size it for a future project.
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        Originally posted by Bob D. View Post
        You should be able to get 200 BF out of this plank.
        Better check those calculator batteries Bob.
        I get 60 bf assuming 0 waste.
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          Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice. Haven't got the board yet, but will have it soon enough. Asking around, I just found out there is a local mill that will do this work for me... at least according to my neighbor. I can't wait... I've been looking for good mahogany for a long time now!

          -- Greg


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            A Very Interesting Coincidence.....

            I was at Yukon Lumber in Norfolk, VA this past Friday and they had a HUGE pallet of 10" wide, 6" thick X 12' mahogany that they were practically giving away. I was very tempted as it was priced at $1.15/bf. Also very strange is the guy said they are having trouble getting rid of it......

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