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Dado blade Arbor width

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  • Dado blade Arbor width

    I'm looking for a dado blade(s) for my TS-3612 table saw, and I'm seeing arbor width requirements on some of the blades. I couldn't find the arbor length spec anywhere in the manual.
    Come to think about it, I never saw the arbor diameter spec either! I'm pretty sure that I can use just about any dado set, but I thought I would ask.

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    Your arbor has a 5/8" diameter.
    The length of your arbor will accomodate most any dado set.
    I use the Frued set I picked up at Home Depot the day I got my saw. It was just under 100 bucks and it's a good set.
    I've maxed the dado stack to the limit using all chippers and shims for plowing out wide grooves and there was plenty of shaft.
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      The max dado on the table saws is 13/16. Just a quick note, when you cutting a full width dado, you will not use the outer blade collar to mount the set, only the blade nut.



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        I have also learn with the dado at full with you can't make a 3/8" deep cut in one pass. It has to be done in two passes!
        Andy B.


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          Andy, you may want to check the belt tension or slow down your cut. I have no problems cutting a full width dado (3/8" deep) in one pass. I move about half the speed as I nomally do when making a regular cut on full size blade.


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            Agree with Mike, but I usually make a clean-up, second pass just to be sure. Slow and easy, and keep your hands to the sides of the blade---never over the blade as a kick-back could result in a serious injury.