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  • Dado blade?

    Hey guys. I am getting my table saw this week. I know that everyone tells me it is good to get a dado blabe. I was looking around and did't see much in the 10" size. Are the dado blades made smaller? I am guessing this cuz you don't need them to cut as deep. So what size is good to get. Also is there a brand I should look at? I don't need a top of the line. I just would like to get a good one at a good price. Also anywhere that I can go that has good prices?

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    Most TS dado sets are 6" to 8" for the reasons that you mentioned, plus they're alot heavier than a single blade. Which is best to get depends in part on your saw. The 8" should be find a full size contractor saw or larger, but if you've got a small $99 table top saw, it'll struggle. Be sure to get a stacked dado set and not a wobble blade....they're bad news IMO and leave a curved bottom.

    What level of quality you want is very subjective, and so is what's considered a reasonable price. Names like Forrest, Ridge Carbide, and Infinity are top shelf and can run as high as $250 for a dado set. There are really cheap sets from Harbor Freight and on Ebay that cost about $20. Then there are some that are in do tend to get what you pay for if you do some homwork first. Freud usually offers good value and competitive performance for the price...they have about 3 dado sets AFAIK. I recently swithced from a good Freud SD208 (~$95 shipped) to a DeWalt DW7670 (~ $95 shipped) set and have been really impressed with the upgrade...the cost is close so I have to give the nod to the DW in this has cutters with 24T and (6) chippers with (4) teeth each....literally twice as many teeth as my SD208 had so it leaves a cleaner cut. It's design is similar to the Forrest's, though not quite as well made as the Forrest.

    I'd avoid the very cheapest. If the mid range of ~ $100 is still too much, you consider looking at the Grizzly set for ~ $50.
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      Ditto what hewood said. If you are concerned about the power of the saw, get the 6" set, as you will still be able to go to over 1" in depth and it takes less power to push it . I also agree on the "wobble" sets. Not only do they not make a flat bottom cut, but they are a pain to get set exactly. Freud also has their SD608, which has a dial in type hub that moves regular cutters apart. However, because of the extra width of the hubs, you can't get full width on most saws (including the Ridgid TS3650) as the arbor is too short to get the nut on.
      hewood, thanks for the heads up on the DeWalt. I have been impressed with their saw blades lately, and think they are really starting to give Freud a run for their money in the "best bang for buck" in that price range. I am looking to upgrade my old Vermont American dado set (It cuts clean sides and is okay to get set up for an exact cut, but I have to use a chisel to clean up the dado bottoms, which are grooved). I was thinking about the Freud, but have to drive over 60 miles to get one or do mail order. I prefer to buy what I see in person, and the DeWalt is easier for me to find.

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