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  • Need help with design!!

    I am building a corner entertainment center to house a 50 inch plasma. It is a floor to ceiling unit with a bottom half for storage and component housing, side units with cubby holes for knickknacks, and a top half to house the TV. I want to put some nice doors on the upper unit so that, when I want to, I can block the view of all electrical components and have the look of an armoire. So here is where I need help. I was planning on using euro hinges and drawer slides to allow the doors to open and then slide back within the main TV housing; the problem is that due to the width of a 50 inch plasma, to make the depth half of the width, would be far too deep considering the plasma is only five inches deep. The obvious design would then be to rout a slot to allow the doors to protrude through the back of the unit, however since it is a corner unit, the corners where the doors would protrude will be contacting the wall behind it, and even if they didn’t, the slides would also have to protrude out the back. I don’t want to use bi-fold doors. The only thing I can think of is to use pockets on the sides, and somehow put the slides on the inside pocket instead of the outside case to gain a few inches of clearance behind the case. So is there anyone out there that has faced this, or knows of any slides or hinges or other ideas that might solve this problem? By the way, any suggestions on the door design?
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    Check out these guys. They've got a huge variety of hardware.

    Rockler Woodworking

    Good luck.
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      I would use tambours like a roll top desk but sliding horizontal. I dont think you could get the hinges on a flipper door(pocket) to fold back 45 deg when doors are closed


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        Check out their furniture hardware here:

        They make amazing stuff. You might have to find someone to order for you, I have an architect friend with an account their, works well for me.


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          I think this is what you are looking for.

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            Thanks for the responses guys. The hinges that have been suggested is what I wanted to use, but they wont work, that is why Im wondering if anyone has any design ideas. I cant use this style hinge because the width of the TV case is going to be around 53" but my depth only about 16"; thus the door wont be able to slide back into the case far enough.


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              Now I understand. You could do a bi-fold door on each side and maybe be able to use those hinges.
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                New Idea/Alternative

                I have seen demos of plasmas that lift out of a low credenza, and the hardware can be purchased separately. Less cabinetry to build. Less imposing in a room. More wife friendly. No door problems. Do a google search for plasma lifts.


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                  Draftman beat me to the best solution. Use tambor doors that will roll back into the sides.
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                    2 Options

                    Here are a couple of different ways to go with your tv.

                    1) Make the covering door swing vertically, then slide in above the tv. Use slide hinges as you would for the typical horizontal moving doors. The span will be fairly long and you may need to stiffen the door so it does not sag when stored across the top of the tv. When open the door will project forward of the screen, but it should be out of the view lines.

                    2) I've seen a flat panel tv on a swivel, with a decorative panel on the back side that covers the back of the unit when the tv is off and put away. The one I saw was operated by an electric motor that was controlled by the remote control for the tv. It was a custom installation, but I'm pretty sure the swivel mechanism was commerically available. You can probably find out more about this option by googling.


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                      Re: Need help with design!!

                      I built a corner cabinet as well, I used some old roll up bamboo shades to make door inserts and stained them to match the cabinet. It looks good and still lets the remote work with the doors closed.