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  • Swing plans?

    Hey guys I an looking for a great porch swing to make for my step mom. I feel she would like this over any swing I would buy even if not as nice. Now remember I am new and would like to find something that isn't going to make me pull out my hair but still will look good. Thanks guys.

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    Heres one.
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      Here is a free plan for a swing. I don't care for the back shape, but that would be easily changed.


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        Did you guys see this one?...

        Not to change the subject too much but...
        Did you guys see PapaDan's swing?

        I just think that is one awesome job he did. My wife loved it! I told her not to get any ideas that I was going to be able to make her anything like that - not yet any way.
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          Yes I saw that last night but looks like way to much work to get done before X-mas. I like the color change but this will be one of my 1st projects.


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            I don't blame you

            Nah, Bigworm i wasn't suggesting you do up a swing like that.

            I just was wondering if everyone had seen it.

            It is quite exceptional.
            Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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              I did not make any plans for the swing I built, but what makes it special is the wood used. You can take just about any plans you find and use some nice hardwoods and have a great swing. Any plans you use can be altered to customize your work also. Oh and Thank You for the compliments on my swing.
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