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sanding end grain

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  • sanding end grain

    I am new to woodworking and sometimes I seem to have problems sanding. My question is how do you sand end grain after using a router? Or is it best to leave it alone. Thanks for any help.

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    What problem are you having? If it is matching stain from face to end grain you need to sand the end grain a few grit sizes finer. If you use 180 for face use 240 for end


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      I am going to put a scroll sawed piece onto a square piece, so its like a plague. I am planning on staining the piece. The sides that go with the grain are nice and smooth but the two sides that go against the grain are a little ruff and look like they need sanding. In the past when I sand the end grain the grain looks like it is burned and the stain is a lot darker than the face. Is that because I didn't use a finer grit and didn't sand long enough?


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        The burning is due to a dull bit, you need a very sharp bit to cut end grain cleanly. Then since end grain absorbs stain much easier than face grain you need to sand the end grain a few grits finer. Take your time when sanding through each grit, also vacuum and wipe the project down between grits as any of the courser grit left behind when you switch to a finer grit will cause swirls and scratches


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          Thank you for the help.