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Rockler Mobil Base for Jointer?

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  • Rockler Mobil Base for Jointer?

    I am looking for a mobile base for my Ridgid jointer. I know that people like the Herc U lift, but $80 on e-bay is a little pricey for me. I found this one at the Rockler site for $45 with free shipping. Anybody tried it? Or know of a better deal?

    Link is below, and if I did it correctly - maybe a picture. Thanks

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    Maybe I have the picture attached now ....
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      First the Herc u lift will not work on the jointer. The base you are looking at is very simular to the Delta base that I bought at Lowes for my jointer. At first I wasn't that happy with the base but after bolting the jointer to the base it was great.
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        I have a couple of similar bases to those Rockler ones and they work very well. I have substituted 1-1/2" steel channel in place of the wood on mine and they are rock solid.
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          OK. Thanks


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            Consider making one

            I made one from 2X4's with a lap joint at each corner. Put a swivel caster on each corner. I drilled a 1 1/2 hole at each corner about 3/8'' deep for the leveling foot to fit in. This keeps the jointer firmly in place on the base. It is is stable and cheap.

            Here is a picture.
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            Start off slow then taper off.


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              How do you keep your floor so clean? I mean, I could actually see a reflection of the caster bracket!

              I guess I gotta crack the whip on my kids to clean out the workshop.


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                I love the picture of your basset on the sofa. You can see my bassets at
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