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  • Jointer qusetion

    I was thinking of getting a jointer before a planer mainly because most of the stock I deal with is only 6-8" wide. I plan on using it for doing edge to edge glue ups, and making stock square for turnings, which I know the planer won't help with. I also looked over the manual and saw that the blades can be sarpened multiple times before needing to be replaced.

    My question is: Can anyone out there with the Ridgid jointer tell me how theirs performs and maybe some other knowledge items like how long the knives last before you need to sharpen/replace Is it also true that you can swing the stock around to do boards 12" wide if needed? Thanks!

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    it performs great, once it is set up correctly. take a look back at some earlier threads regarding set up, i shared a solution to a set up problem that plagued me for months. not because of any problem with the jointer, but because i am not very mechanically inclined. if you can not find the thread contact me direct and i will gladly fill you in. once i set it up correctly, i couldnt be happier with it



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      I have been real happy with my Ridgid jointer too. Can't really help you on the blade question, I only get about two hours per day in my shop and I don't need to use it every day.

      The manual does advise you that you should move the fence over time to use the full width of the blade (if you are only edge joining 3/4 stock, you have six runs at the blade if every time you see it losing its edge you move it over one inch).


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        Just a thought, but I have both jointer and planer. I do a little resawing on occasion, and the planer comes in handy when I do.
        However, the jointer sees allot more action.
        Question you should ask yourself that may help you make up your mind is: Will I need to surface boards more than joint or edge them?
        As far as blades go it all depends on the type of wood you cut, if you run through knots, or if you recycle wood. Imbedded metel fragments plays part in recycling.
        I've touched the blades up several times with a diamond hone, and have not seen a noticable difference in the blades going away anyfaster.
        If you plan on doing any rabbits on the jointer, dedicate the outside of the blades just for that.
        Good Luck!
        John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>