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    Where is a good place on the web to order fiddleback maple? Where I live there is not any suppliers of figured hardwoods.

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    Every time I go to Lowe's I check the hardwood board aisle. There are always 2 or 3 curly maple boards in the stack, at least at the two Lowe's store in my area. Usually they are the 1 x 3's or 1 x 4's, but I once found a 10-foot 1 x 8 and often find 8-foot 1x6's. Some of the boards have darker heartwood, which I like, but many are just a really fine curly sapwood. For $5,50 a board foot, the regular maple boards are not such a good deal, but $5.50 for curly maple isn't horrible. Of course, a real wood dealer will offer you more consistent results, but if you need curly maple in a wood emergency, it can be found. Just don't try Home Depot: even if it is one that sells maple, it is never curly.
    Joe Spear


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      Try this

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        I wish i had a Lowe's like yours. Ours only sells oak, pine, and poplar.