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  • Dado Blade Recommedations

    What is your collective recommendation for 6" or 8" dado blades (on a ridgid table saw). The balde will not get a lot of use (less than commercial but more than your average DIY guy) but will be used for cutting hardwood veneer plywood (7/16" and 11/16" slots) for cabinets. I am currently using Forrest WWII and Chopmaster blades and I am happy with their quality.

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    I have the Freud SD208 and am quite happy with it. If you don't plan on making very deep cuts the SD206 also has had good review on this forum.
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      Look at the offerings from Ridge Carbide Tool also (not part of or related to Ridgid)

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        After reading several positive comments about the DeWalt dado, I gave one a try and like it alot.

        I have a Ridge Carbide saw blade that's pretty incredible. If I were willing to spend top dollar on a dado blade, I would look into the Ridge Carbide from Holbren. The Forrest should be fine too, but the Ridge Carbide will have thicker teeth.


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          Does anybody have experience with the Dadonator by Infinity?

          They recently sent me a coupon and it would've been ~$150 for their 8" set.


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            I've got the $94 Freud set from HD/Lowes, and have no complaints to report.

            If I remember correctly, I bought it a couple years ago with one of those "20% off anything you can fit in this bag" bags from Menard's.


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              Last summer curiosity got the best of me and I sold my trusty Freud SD208 and bought a Dewalt DW7670 with twice the teeth as the Freud......the results were predictably smoother. The design is more like the Forrest's. The case is great, the shim stock is excellent, and it has (4) 1/8" chippers, a 1/16", and a 3/32". I'm really happy with it.

              It's currently available from Amazon for ~ $96 shipped. Add another blade or other item to get the order to $150 and save another $25.