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TS2400 w/Dado blade.

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  • TS2400 w/Dado blade.

    I am new to woodworking and currently have a TS2400 and I am thinking about getting a Dado blade for it. My question is can I put a Dado blade on it and if so how big and wide can it be. Also what type is better the stack Dado or the wobble type.

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    I checked the Ridgid website and that info isn't listed. Isn't it in the owners manual? Ridgid customer service should be able to tell you.
    If the arbor is 1 1/8" long (like the 3650) you can cut up to a 13/16" dado. I would probably go with a 6" or 7" stacked dado. Don't know if the 2400 can handle an 8". I use an Oldham stacked dado from HD and it works just fine for me. Let us know what CS says, OK?
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      Kudu, you can find the dado info on page 51 of your owners manual. Max cut is 13/16" and the outside collar does not need to be installed.

      On my 2400, I have used an older wobble type and the 6" Frued 206 (I think that is the number....but its the one that sells for under 100 bucks.) I don't recommend the wobble, but I do use it for some narrow applications or when I am building rough shelves and don't want to wearout the Frued. I have considered up grading to a better Frued, but I have no reason to do so just yet. By the way, you could probably use an 8" set also - my thought was to spin less metal on the universal motor.

      On lots of occasions I use the router for dado's. I find I can make wider cuts by making a few passes and using a jig for starting and stopping at the right location. This generally applies with longer boards or large pieces of sheet goods that simply don't balance well on the small 2400 - I think you will find the saw very versital and will adjust to its shortcommings by using all the tools in your box, including hand planes for cleaning up the rougher dado's when necessary.



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        Thanks for all who replied, think I'm going with the 6" stacked.


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          I picked up the April issue of Fine Woodworking mag this morning and there is a good review of dado blades and other good stuff on dado's - thought this might interest you.


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            I have a 6" and 8" stacked and they work great on my 2400. I would stay away from the wobble type. I have heard that they cause a lot of vibration that can damage the arbor bearings. The 8" works great for softwoods and plywoods. I use the 6" when cutting hardwoods
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