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    I am trying my hand at preparing and finishing spalted maple for the first time. I have resawn a piece and I have two questions concerning surface preparation of the wood at this point and finishing: 1.) Due to the softness of spalted maple, what is the recommended grit, minimum and maximum, sand paper that I should use prior to finishing. The maple will be used as a lid to a valet box; and 2.) Is there a recommended finish for spalted maple to optimize the grain figure?....I plan on using Danish oil on the carcus (Imbuya) Would a light dye applied prior to finishing enhance the grain even more?

    Any sugguestions will be greatly appreciated. This box will be a Xmas present so I'm, as usual, time limited.

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    Love spalted maple. Sand to 220 or 320. A coat of BLO will enhance the grain and figure but will darken the color also.
    My preference is to use a couple of coats of de-waxed shellac (Zinnser Sealcoat) to seal the grain and prevent blotching of the finish coat. After the shellac I like several coats of wipe on poly, but any oil based finish is nice.
    Good luck on the Christmas project.
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