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  • EB4424 Sander

    Just scored a EB4424 sander at my local HD yesterday. Had been looking at them for some time but couldn't justify the expense. Well last years model (grey colored) has been on sale for $199, down from $229 for a while now. But yesterday while at HD it was offered at $199 + a $50 gift card, but I was strong and said I'd think about it. Well before I left the store the guy I had been talking to about it came to me and offered it with a $75 gift card! Couldn't resist any longer, so I went home with a $229 sander for a net of $125 new in the box! Yahoo!!!

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    Patience seems to pay off.

    I just purchased the EB4424 (orange/gray) new model last Saturday. It was the display model (HD) and the person whome I bought my TS3650 from marked it down to $99.00---what a bargain (from $199.99). It seems like they are willing to deal in some respect. Going tonight and buying the Jointer 610. I told the sales person that I have noticed where some locations are discounting the hercu-lift bases (per some of the messages on this message board). He said that he would throw in the hercu-lift for an additional $45.00.

    Really impressed with the quality of their tools (at this point) and the quality of customer service from this one store.


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      I got a grey one for $150. It was NIB but because it had a different partnumber the manager was ready to let it go at a discount. I bought it last week and I have yet to use it, but for $150 you can't go wrong.