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  • I just got hooked up!!!

    My my roommate works for a builder also like me. The jods he is doing they are using a ton of walnut trim and walnut veneer plywood. Well they just ship it all to him. He just got done with this 1st job and they had a full truckload of finished trim (all diff sizes). When I say a truck load the truck was almost bottmed out. We even left some cuz we couldn't take it. Also about 8 sheets of veneer plywood. I also saw a door that is mad of maple (I think thats what it is). The door I might make a cutting board island or as a nice work bench. I have no idea what this would cost but I am sure it is allot. They would have just trashed it. I know in construcion there is allot of waste but come on WALNUT!!! He is working on 2 more now and I am sure there is going to be more. Now I just have to find some projects to use it is. I know I will make cabinets for my dad's cabin we are fixing up. It was well worth the 3 1/2 hour drive there and back.
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    I know the thrill. A guy that used to work for me part time had a full time job at a hardwood distributor. All their sample and test stock used to go into the chipper, or the dumpster. He knew that I was into woodworking, so he started bringing the "trash" home. Every couple of weeks, I'd drive down to his house and pick up a truckload of walnut, maple, red and white oak, cherry, and hickory out of his garage.

    I now have so much hardwood in my garage that there is VERY limited space for my tools. Oh well, it's a nice problem to have. My dad also cut down several old-growth walnut trees off his farm and had them rough milled to 4/4, so I've got another 5,000 or so board feet of walnut in a barn in central Missouri, just waiting for me to go pick it up. Needless to say, I'm doing a lot more woodworking these days, just trying to make a dent in my raw materials. I mainly make noise and dust, but I'm also occasionally able to put something together that convinces my wife that it's a worthwhile endeavor.


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      Dumpsters = real finds

      I hate you both!
      No, just kidding. Enjoy and best wishes. Glad to see the wood go to good use rather than go into a chipper or landfill. I have a neighbor who works heavy construction and he's always always bringing home stuff that is thrown out on a job site. What an incredible waste! (until he rescues it). He's got pipe, wood, fasteners, etc. I used to work for a large (second largest in Wisconsin at the time) electrical contractor. Guy who ran the shop portion told us on the first day on the job that anything that was in the dumpster was fair game for anybody to get. (Wire, even then was recycled and sold) Would be j-boxes, fasteners, etc. in there all the time. Lots of stuff just needed some cleaning up and some of the push in plugs stuck on in order to use again and be legal in homes or commercial construction. I got tons of the stuff that I just recently used up.
      Way to recycle!
      Jim Don


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        I've raided a few dumpsters, myself..

        Unfortunately, the scrap bin at our shop is mostly scrap pipe, and ductwork that didn't fit exactly right. All the copper and old coils pay for our Christmas party. Sometimes I can salvage some motors, controls, electrical stuff, and hardware off old equipment.

        Anybody want to trade some wood for pipe?


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          Well I get stuff from time to time at work also but this was just great. I only single family and sometimes Tri-plex homes so I really don't get good work for wood working. With him working this I am sure I will have more to come when he starts diff projects. If I get more then what I think I can use or take I will post. Anyone in the Orlando area? I do get all kinda of doors and base and casing. I do trash alot of stuff just cuz I have no place to put it or use it. I try to call friends to see if they want it. I can't wait for the weekend to start cutting it up.