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Attaching router table to 3650

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  • Attaching router table to 3650

    I have searched through all the threads here prior to posting this so...... I have the hartville tool router table that I am now wanting to cut down to fit onto the wing of my 3650. I am puzzled as to how to attach it.

    I purchased some 1" x 1" x 1/8" angle aluminum to attach to the cast iron wing and both the front and rear rails. The problem is the router table is
    1 1/8" thick. So my dilemma is being able to attach it to the angle aluminum and the cast iron wing and rails while being able to adjust the height to make the table level w/ the TS surface.

    Please help!

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    How about running dados on the bottom edges to get the thickness you need?
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      You could also get angle iron with more of a drop, making the router table much lower than the saw table. Couter sink holes in the router table and mount carriage bolts to it long enough to go through the angle iron. A nut on each side of the angle iron would allow you to adjust is up or down to "dial in " the exact height needed.
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