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  • Shop Vac Question

    I'm thinking about buying a new shop vac. My shop is in my garage and I have a portable
    dust collector and shop vac. I'm thinking about the Rigid WD2062 (6.25 hp, 20 gal.) or the
    WD1735 (6.5, 16 gal.). Doesn't anyone out there know the CFM ratings on these vacs.

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    I am not sure about c.f.m,s but I do own the

    Ridgid 6.5 h.p. shop vac. it is the second ridgid shop vac that I have owned. I feel that this is a great tool, it has a reversing action to use for blowing by simply moving the hose connection.
    I highly reccommend this tool.
    bob k


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      Thanks Bob, I take a look at it.


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        Try this link for specs

        I believe my vac is the 1245, which has plenty of power for my woodworking, and is a little smaller so has a lower center of gravity and is easier to store. The filter (a huge 1600 sq in pleated unit) fills up and needs to be shaken out before the can is full, so I don't need the larger can.

        If you buy a 2 inch PVC connector for 50 cents you can save the $5 adapter that converts the male tool holder to a female.

        We love ours!


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          Mine is out in the tool trailer, so the model number is there also---but it is the large one with the leaf blower option. The motor comes off and is used with the extensions, etc. I do remodelling and it is GREAT for cleaning porches, driveways, etc. It also cleans drywall debris and construction messes. I did use it once for a wet application, but have my old Wet/Dry Shopvac for that.
          Mac<P>Problems are opportunities in disguise


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            hello, I am a design student from Auburn University. We are currently working with Emerson tool company (the makers of Ridgid wet/dry vacs) in redesigning the vac. I stumbled upon this forum to look for research on what users commonly find wrong with current models. So far the information I have received on this one topic has been invaluable. Thank you. I ask you to please list additional problems you have with user functions. Any additional ideas on improving existing wet/dry vacs would also be very welcomed. Either reply on this post or feel free to email me at -


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              I just bought the 20 gallon vac with 6.25 HP and love it. I got four extra accesories with it as you probably know since this one was a special. The muffler is great and the blowing end on the vac is pretty powerful and they had a muffler with it which is great. For the extra few dollars and the loss of .25 HP I would go with the 20 gallon with all the accersories that add up in a hurry for price.


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                This is our third shop vac over the years, and by far the best. But if you are designing a new one...

                Our Ridgid vac is the mid-size unit, only about 6 months old. Despite the 1600 sq in filter, that is the first to fill up. It is used in our garage for woodworking, including bluk pickup (no dust collector system). If you are designing a new one, we have often wished for a way to shake the filter out (or a vibrator or something) without opening the lid and shaking the dust all over.