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ts2424 miter slot without t-slot

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  • ts2424 miter slot without t-slot

    I read a review that slighted the ts2424 saw because it did not have a t-slot guide for the miter gauge. Being a remodeler of my home but new to tablesaws, can someone explain what is the big deal about t-slots? Why or why wouldn't I want to have one on my tablesaw. It seems like the TS2424 is pretty good aside from that.

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    The "T" slot (inverted T)holds the front of the miter guage down into the slot. There may be times when you are cutting a tennon and have wood clamped to the miter fence that the tim could come out of the groove during the cut.

    It is not really a big deal though. If you find it a problem there is probably some other way to make the cut to avoid trouble.

    Figuring out how to do some of these things are one of the joys/rewards of wood working.

    Dan [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      Its also harder to bolt up featherboards and assorted jigs. Use your imagination and youll be fine. Otherwise this is an excellent saw for the money.


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        There may be other tools where the T-shape is important, but if you are using a miter gauge with a table saw and don't have enough weight on the workpiece to keep the miter gauge happily in the slot, you are in a danger zone to begin with. The absence of a T-slot is (in my judgment) a meaningless criticism.


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          Thanks everyone for your comments. It doesn't seem like a big deal not to have the t-slot. However, a friend told me that there are a number of accessories that can be purchased that need that feature. He said that he has a hold-down clamp and featherboard that uses it. What do you guys out there think about that? Is the t-slot really needed for that?

          I would also like to see a comment from someone at Ridgid. Is there a reason why this feature has not been added? Is there a plan to do so? I heard there might be a safety reason NOT to use a t-slot. Any experienced woodworkers or Ridgid people know why?


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            Benchdog has an accessory for their featherboards that allows them to be used in the standard miter slot. They're available at Woodcraft. Hope this helps...


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              I use commercial featherboards that ride in the miter slot. Sold at Woodcraft.



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                Hey Dave,

                That sure is a handsome looking push stick (i.e. functional @ safe). Sure puts to shame my sticks made from 1/4" and 1/2" plywood. Nice setup with the Incra fence and router insert. If I had the room I would go that route but my saw has to share space with a lawnmower, pressure washer, leaf blower, you get the idea. Maybe some day (day dreaming). See Ya.


                [ 05-01-2002: Message edited by: Gregg ]


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                  Thanks, Gregg. What makes you think my shop isn't sharing with that kind of stuff?

                  In the background, you can make out the "chimney" of a smoker/barbeque (covered in cloth just to the left of the sprinkler controls). To the right and down, there's a lawnmower and an edger. In the top right corner out of view is where the leaf blower hangs.

                  Actually, I'm lucky enough to have the wife sign off on a backyard shed for this year, so I'll get a little more space. Until then, it is kind of tight.



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                    I'v got the Benchdog featherboards and they work perfectly in my 2424....

                    GREAT saw for the money.. Great saw period.



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                      The real reason we do not have a t-slot is basically the fact that we never have in the past. As far at the benefits of a t-slot, yes you can clamp feather boards in the slot, but that really is the limit of what they can realistically do. Some have touted the slots as a way to hold your miter gauge in place when you cut wide stock, but if you get wide enough stock where you need the t-slot, you are not going to get very accurate cut using a miter gauge in that fashion. Also, as a minor annoyance, you have to slide you miter gauge all the way across the table to remove it.

                      On the flip side, more and more people expect a t-slot, so I imagine some day we will have one on a saw (don't ask me when, I don't know).



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                        The T-slot is worthless!
                        Andy B.


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                          Another "NO" vote Jake. I like the straight slots!

                          Vote "NO" on T's!!!
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