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    Where is a good source for finding plans for jigs for my new TS2424?

    What jigs should I have?

    Any other suggestions for a new TS owner?

    Have anyone made a rear table extension for thier TS2424?

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    I'll let others comment on making jigs and so forth as I am fairly new to ww'ing and don't have enough experience with jigs yet.
    On the table saw outfeed table though, I recently completed making the one that is in the October '99 (issue 117) WOOD magazine. It turned out just as advertised, which means I am very happy with it (No more sawhorses with plywood attached by clamps). You can backorder this issue or, if you can't get it, I'd be happy to send ya copies (snail mail) of it. The best part of the article is that it's written for a TS2424 so you don't have to modify any. Well, I take that back: I modified mine to allow me to take the blade gaurd on & off without any trouble.
    That's one "hidden" extra benefit of the 2424 that I had no idea of when shopping for a table saw, but am thankfull of now: the blade gaurd is soooo easy to take on & off. I gather from hearing others P&M that other brands' gaurds are a real pain, so most just leave it off.


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      Waht Chap said about the outfeed table is right on the money. I would also make or but a tennon Jig, build a panel-cutting sled and build the out feel table. You can get some more ideas for jigs for Wood magazine they ahve a web sight that has down loadable plans. Go to The cost is about $5.00 per set. I have plans for a panel-cutting sled. and like Chad the plans and cutting list. I'll be happy to email them to you if you system can take an email attachment of about 900kb or so. Email me At and let me know if you want them. Hope this has been of some help.
      Regards Daniel Maloney