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  • Oak Plywood

    Is white oak plywood available with quarter sawn veneer?
    I am wanting 7/32 or 1/4".

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    Not that I have ever heard of. Check some of the wood sites like Wall lumber for white oak ply and check for venneer that you could lam yourself.
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      You will probably have to search around. Find a cabinet shop and see who they get their stuff from. I could recommend a place in WI but thats not going to help you out.

      Be prepared to pay out the nose for it though


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        I am doing a few projects (the most recent attached - a headboard with bookshelf for a single bed) with 3/4" oak veneer plywood. I can only find flatsawn and its about $72 per sheet in Canada and only be an A and B side. There is oak veneer particle board with two A sides but I don't like particle board for perminant projects.

        I have tried to hide the plywood on the sides and insides of the cabintes and used solid quarter sawn white oak for the front and top. Sorry the photo is grainy I just took it with my phone to illustrate the point.
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