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TS 3650 belt slipping

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  • TS 3650 belt slipping

    I am new to woodworking and have been reading alot of magazines and posts to learn as much as I can. One thing that I have recently read is regarding table saw safety and specifically the proper height to set the saw blade. The article states to set "half the highest tooth" to protrude throught he piece and the bottom of the tooth should never be higher than the workpiece. Unfortuantely, when I try this on the TS3650 the belt slips and the blade stops. Is there a tension setting/adjustment for the belt with the blade in the lower postion?

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    The belt tension should stay the same for all heighths. It is provided by the weight of the motor and the spring behind the motor mount plate. Ensure your motor is not resting on something as you lower it or hitting something behind the saw (i.e. outfeed table leg, etc.). You may want to clean the pivot points if they have sawdust build-up, as well as the slot in the rotator plate.

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      Another item you should check is the alignment of the two pulleys. If they're not properly aligned, it could cause the belt to slip.
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        Check in your manual about loosening the two bolts on the blade guard support that the two black metal rods of the motor mount go thru. It tells you to have the blade all the way up (or down - don't have a manual handy) then pull the motor to you as far as you can then tighten the bolts again. I had this happen to me and this step stopped the problem.


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          Belt tension

          The motor should always have some tension on it, it should never just hang on the belt. Raise the blade 2", then slide the motor out (toward you) until about half the distance of the spring is used. This will keep tension on the blade at all levels.


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            Does most everyone but me throw their owner's manual away when they buy a piece of equipment? The 3650 manual is available free for the downloading on this very website.