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Keep my 3612 or Return it for 3650

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  • Keep my 3612 or Return it for 3650

    Hi All,

    My wife bought me a TS 3612 in June for my birthday. Well we moved two weeks later and I still have not had a chance (or room in the garage) to open the boxes and set it up.

    Now I see the 3650 and I am wondering if I should return my TS3612 and get the TS 3650? Still have the receipt, etc.



    -Peter W. Lent<BR>PMi Solutions<BR>

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    Peter---pretty hard to say since most of us haven't actually seen the 3650 in the flesh! Personally, I'd consider the following:

    --The 3612 got excellent ww'r magazine reviews---compared to the 2424, which lost points for not as good a fence.

    ---The basic design of the 3612 has been around for over 25 years that I'm aware of----the 3650 is a completely new cabinet/top.

    --There are a number of aftermarket products that will fit the old Craftsman/Ridgid design----don't know what has changed on the new one, but they've already said it's a different sized insert plate.


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      KEEP IT!!

      I have a 3612 and wouldn't get rid of it unless I got a Unisaw to replace it with. It's on par with similar Jet and Delta machines costing a few hundred more. About the only thing that the new one has an advantage with is the height lock and the heavier/more solid wings. (which someone may be willing to part with later)


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        I think it all depends on how much you want to be a "Crash Test Dummy"!
        I'm considering the assignment on a MS1290LZ, built on existing design and probably in the original plant.
        Your ship, however, has never been flown, so you are on your own, flying solo, and flying blind. Remember that Mission Control has been changed, so you have to think about what will happen when it comes to "Huston, We have a problem". I hope it turns out to be a good ship, but if you decide to do it, buy it before 12/31 for the added milage.

        The mission, Mr. Lent, should you decide to accept it, is to crash test this tool. As always, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct, will self-destruct, will self-destruct, will self-destruct, will self-destruct, will self-destruct. . .
        If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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          I have a 3612 and love it.
          What features do you want from the 3650 that you don't have on the 3612.

          Personally, I think the 3612 is a great saw.

          - Jimmy


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            At this point, I would not do it. The 3612 is proven product and it's excellent. The day I get rid of my 3612 is the day I get a cabinet saw.


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              I thought about waiting for the 3650 instead of buying a 3612, until I saw the website with the pics of the new saw. I decided not to be a 'crash test dummy'. scored my 3612 tonight instead.
              Ned<br /><br />Madison Woodsmith<br /><br />Masonry: 2B1ASK1