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    Happy Holiday's Everyone,

    What i would like in my Xmas stocking (besides lottsa Woodcraft, Rockler, Orange & Blue Box gift cards ) is a note on some way to get the belts off the drill press. i set it at 1600 when i got it (5 months ago) and haven't been able to change them since . The belt tensioning handle has no play in it, with or without the lock handles loosened. The thing is tight as a drum. I've just consulted the online manual and am going out to try again before i send this. Tried & failed again, any suggestions?


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    I made a cheater bar for mine. I took a 1-1/4" diameter dowel and cut a piece about 6-7" long. Next I drilled out the center of the dowel deep enough to accept most of the length of the tensioning handle on the DP. Finally, I wrapped the dowel with a couple of layers of duct tape to prevent the dowel from splitting. Works like a charm.
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      Thanks yet again

      Thanks Dave,

      After reading your post i quickly "adapted" your suggestion and lovingly wacked the tensioning handle with a rubber mallet. The belts just rolled off the pulleys Now I know why i decided to take up woodworking again. I realized i would'nt have to figure out everything by myself. I love this forum!!!!