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Dado Table Saw Inserts

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  • Dado Table Saw Inserts

    Anyone know where I can get a Dado table saw insert for Ridgid Table Saw.

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    Dado inserts

    You will be best served by a zero clearance insert. You can order from order either one. I find that dado inserts have to large an opening for my comfort, since they are designed to take a dado blade at its highest. I can't remember ever doing that. With a zero clearance you cut thru with your dado to the heigth you are going to use, thus leaving no extra opening for material to get caught in and cause kickback or other problems.
    If you Goggle zero clearance inserts you get plenty of plans on how to make your own. Its easy and you can make a dozen as easy as making one. This will give extras to use with all the blades or other dado settings you may need.


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      If you don't want to make your own, TTrack offers ZCI's at a much better price than Ordertree.
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