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The -- Sorry -- Arbor Issue again!

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  • The -- Sorry -- Arbor Issue again!

    Hello all,

    Like many, I also have the defective arbor on the TS3650 tables saw. Some time ago when there was much discussion, I saved the step-by-step procedure to a floppy and put it away for safe keeping. Now of course I'm getting a disk error on the disk! I searched the threads for a couple of hours yesterday looking for the procedure, but was unable to find the exact posts... I only found some related discussion. Does any one know the procedure for changing out the arbor, or can anyone direct me to the correct thread / post? I wanted to avoid bringing up a worn-out issue, but I'm kind of in limbo now. I held off doing this job until the time was right and I am off on vacation next week and that's the best time to do it. Thanks for your help!

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    Greg: Do a search for "TS3650 Arbor" and you will find a topic on how to replace the arbor dated 08-01-2005. I believe it is titled something like The definitive arbor replacment. (I am not sure if that is the exact title, but there is only ten matches to the search, so it isn't hard to pick out. Jim P.S. Only search under General woodworking discussion.


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      Thanks Very Much PipeStone Kid... I'll have a look using your parameters... Thanks Again!