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  • BS1400 Bandsaw Questions

    I was browsing the manual and came across the Blade changing routine. There were 4 steps before the blade can be removed;
    release tension, remove table pin and insert, remove rear blade guard, and loosen screw for lower blade guard and pivot out of way.
    Is this a big PIA? Is this standard for most bandsaws? What the hec is the table pin for?

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    I turned my rear blade guard around so the open side faces the front now. Sure does make it faster to change blades.
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      Hector, the pin keeps the 2 halves of the table top inline with each other so one does not sag and catch the wood as it passes over the crack between them. The lower gaurd piece I just left off.
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        Thanks for the replies guys. You'll probably be seeing a few more posts from me in the coming weeks as I get closer to purchasing the saw.