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Good Deal?/Delta 14-650 Type 2 Mortiser

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  • Good Deal?/Delta 14-650 Type 2 Mortiser

    I've been wanting to get a dedicated mortise machine because I want to try out that form of machine joinery. I was browsing craigs list for local used tools and came across a Delta 14-650 Type 2 unit for $125. Worth a look I figure as it was half the price of a new one. Well, it had a little rust, dirt and crud on it but it ran quiet, the rack and pinion with ratcheting arm worked, and it came with 5 Delta brand bit/chisel sets that were sharp enough to cut skin. So I bought it.

    I had some time tonight so I started disassembly to clean and lube prior to reassembly and alignment. I had a slight problem right off the bat. The chisel wouldn't come out of the holder that mounts into the head. The set screw that holds it in the holder had scarred the shaft of the chisel and raised a slight burr. The close tolerances of this assembly made it necessary for me get a small file to knock the burr down to get the chisel out.
    Is this a common occurance? Is it necessary to tighten the set screw with so much force that it raises a burr to keep it in the machine during operation? I can get used to it, if I need to. As long as I can get the chisel out. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.