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  • New TS3650 Quality

    I bought a TS3650 about 4 years ago from HD. I believe this was when the saw first came out (wasn't orange). Anyway, I lost the saw along with everything during Hurricane Katrina and now I want to replace my tools.

    Looking at the TS3650 in HD the other day, I noticed that the fence doesn't look the same. What has changed on these saws in the past 5 or so years? Is it not made in the USA anymore? What is the quality like these days?

    My older saw had problems ripping 3 1/2 in. softwood. The specs say the motor on the new one is 13 amps (would 15 amps be better?)

    Should there be other saws I should look at?
    I want something with a good fence; with a strong motor (possibly switch from 120/240); with some portability (would like to be able to role it into a 7X16 cargo trailer to work at a second home)

    Price range 500-1500.

    I don't want a cabinet saw due to no portibility. What about these hybrids like the dewalt and jets?

    Thanks in advance for the info.

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    I own a TS3650 and haven't had any at all with the fence or ripping wood. It is a solid saw and I have no problems recommending it. I am not very familiar with the older grey model (3612 I think it was?) so I can't offer you any thoughts on the differences. I will say if you are looking for something more portable (i.e. loading into a cargo trailer) you may want to consider the TS2400 instead. It is designed for portability and others on this forum who own one also give it very high remarks on its capabilities. I don't think I would want to be moving around the TS3650 very often with a trailer. The Herc-u-lift system on the 3650 works great for moving it around in the shop, but not for jobsite moves.

    Just my $.02 worth....
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      I have a 2412, which was a lower end predcessor to the 3650. I believe the 3612 was the earlier version of the 3650. I love mysaw and have never had a problem ripping or crosscutting anything. If the 3650 has a15 amp motor, it is more powerful than a saw with a 13 amp motor. The 3650 can also be wired for 220 volts. If my saw was gone, I'd buy a 3650 without hesitation.
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        My viewpoint is probably skewed a little because I own a 3612, purchased in April of 02, but I think that the Emerson made 3612 is a tad better built than the TTI/OWT made 3650. I isn't different enough to make a difference as I would buy the 3650 in a heartbeat if something happened to my 3612.

        The 3612 had the webbed wing design while the wings on the 3650 are basically solid. The two saws weight about the same which begs the question, where did they reduce the weight on the 3650 when they added all that weight with the solid wings? I'm not even going to offer a guess mainly because I don't have a clue. All I will say is that my 3612 just feels more solid and I didn't have to jump through any hoops to get it that way when I assembled it.

        The motor that came with the 3612 was an American made Emerson motor while the motor on the 3650 is from China. On the positive side of the 3650's motor, it's a TEFC unit while the Emerson motor wasn't.

        As far as the fence and rail system goes, I can't really tell a difference between the one on my saw and the one on the 3650. If yours was different than I'm thinking that maybe you had a 2424 which had a fence that IMO was inferior to what is now offered.
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          mine must have been the 3612
          it had:
          open webbed cast iron wings
          herculift base
          grey paint
          and Im almost positive the motor was emerson made in usa.
          and I thought the fence on it was pretty good.

          Does anyone know if the motors on the 3612 and 3650 were/are 13 amps? (same HP)


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            My 3650 bought 11 months ago has a 13 amp (120v) motor that can be rewired to 220 (6.5a). The motor as well as the rest of the saw was made in Taiwan. It is an excellent saw and will rip to the full 3 3/8"" cut depth (I have ripped (actually resawn) pressure treated lumber to full depth with a full kerf blade and resawn very dry cedar with a thin kerf 60t blade. The thickest red oak I have run through it has been 2 1/2"). The fence is solid and accurate.

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              I think you're on the right track with the hybrids. The DW is well built but is a slightly outdated version compared to the new generation. The internally mounted motors have several advantages to outboards, and really no downside unless you need to remove the motor often.

              GI, Grizzly, Steel City, Sunhill, Craftsman, Jet, and Delta all have strong contenders...many with full enclosures, cast iron wings, and Biese clone fences.


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                TS 3650 Quality

                I bought the TS 3650 a couple of days before Christmas hoping to use it the following week. When I was putting it together I found that the U bolt support bar for the base was 1/2 inch to long and I couldn't assemble the base. I called HD and they told me that I could come in and take the bar off the display model. It was 1/2 inch to long also. Who ever put it together bent the two mounting bolts to make the assembly work. I wound up returning the saw and getting a Delta - I'm still assembling it.

                I really wanted the 3650 based on the information that I found on this forum and if I have any problems with the Delta I might wind up at HD again. If they would have had any more saws in stock I would have been opening boxes! The mobile base is far superior to the Dela and I need the mobility.

                This is a great formu!


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                  A suggestion:
                  If you go back and get the 3650, and the bar is too long, drill a new hole in one end at the correct measurement. The U-bolt has enough width so that it doesn't have to be exactly centered.

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