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  • Table Saw Comparison

    I am starting to do the research on a new table saw, right now I own the TS2400 and I see the short cummings of this saw, even though it's been good to me.
    I'm looking at the TS2424 and I'm also looking at the Grizzly G1023SL which I really like also. Can you guys give me your opinions on this. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    I own the 2424 and I am very pleased with it. This saw was a replacement for my 1979 rockwell 9" contractor saw. I to looked at the grizzly, jet, delta, and the new dewalt. I ended up chosing the rigid because of the extras and definately the price. The herculift system alone is well worth it. I took the extra money and put it toward a good crosscut and rip blades. Also it can be wired for 220v. Good luck.

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      I have a TS2424 and love it. It is easy to put together right out of the box. Before you consider buying, download the owner's manual from the web page. It was one of the deciding factors for me. Up until that time I had been considering Ryobi, Delta and Grizzly. For a contractor's saw it is excellent. The instructions, hercu-lift caster system, and accuracy of the set up are well worth the purchase. When you consider that Ridgid offers a Lifetime warranty, there is not much else to think about. That combined with the customer service both on the phone and in the Home Depot stores, are worth the purchase price alone. You can not go wrong with buying the TS2424. I will recommend it to anyone.


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        Chuck, there is no comparison. You are asking for a contrast between a contractor's saw and a cabinet saw. If the pricetag, and the fact that you are buying from a company and customer service chain that's 3,000 miles away, don't bother you, the Grizzly is a hand's-down undeniably better machine.



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          Dave's right about the comparing the Grizzly to the TS2424.

          A thought, if you need any sort of mobility in your table saw, go with the RIDGID. The Grizzly has an optional mobile base, but it is no where near as easy to move as the TS2424 with the Herc-U-Lift casters