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  • Table Saw Blade Alignment

    The TS3650 manual says that around 0.015" tolerance is acceptable tolerance when measuring from the miter gauge to the front and back of the blade (blade parallelism). I have rigged a dial measuring indicator such that I thought I'd get an accurate measurement. Here's a pic:

    First of all, I get 0.005" just from play in the miter gauge slot (moving the miter gauge left-to-right in the pic). Then, if the blade is rotated, the measurement varies +/- 0.0025" (0.005" total on the indicator, blade runout I believe it's called). So there's 0.010" of variance before I even check blade parallelism, which, as far as I can tell, is around 0.008". I checked measurements with two different blades and the measurements were pretty much the same. And I don't own a high dollar blade like a Freud. Yet. The rip fence parallelism (with the left miter gauge slot) varies only 0.003" along its length, tailed in (toward the blade) at the back.

    (1) Am I doing this right? I could make a wood rail for the dial indicator instead of using the miter gauge, to eliminate the miter gauge slop. As it is I try keep the gauge pushed to one side during the measurements.
    (2) Do the measurements I get sound normal? I've read of folks adjusting trunion bolts for a couple thousandths of an inch. Is that necessary? (i.e., is 0.015" acceptable tolerance?) This is wood, not steel, we're talking about...

    - djb
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    Sounds fine to me. 0.015" is better than 1/64" and you are at almost 1/128" parallelism, when you mark your cut line how accurate are you? If you are not using a scoring knife you will never be 1/64" accurate never mind 1/128"
    Make some sawdust and enjoy. I think at this point a good blade would improve your work more than tinkering with the trunnion.