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Drilling 3650 Cast Iron Extensions

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  • Drilling 3650 Cast Iron Extensions

    Having never done this before, is it possible to drill cast iron? If so, what kind of bit?

    I'm going to be installing an extension table on my 3650 [B]if[B] I know for sure I can drill into the sides of the outer wings to attach plate and tubing to support the extension table behind the saw similar to Bob D's design.


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    Yes sir you can. Can be done with a plain 'ol HSS bit. The key is to use a slow speed and cutting oil. Shouldn't be a problem at all. Plan on doing the same thing next week when I get home. Good luck.


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      I use a titanium bit with Tap Magic cutting oil and slow speed - works like a charm...


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        Depends on the size of the hole. I wouldn't start with a 1/4" bit and risk the drill "hogging" and twisting the drill motor (and your wrist).

        Center punch the hole and start with a 1/16 bit and lubricant, Plain old engine oil works but it drips. When that hole is through, gradually increase the drill size and decreasing speed until the hole is the desired size.

        Aslo, before drilling, check the webbing on the inside of the casting. You don't want to drill into it and have no flat surface for a washer and nut.


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          I've drilled cast iron with no lubricant. Punch a starting dent and drill slow to keep it from heating up too much. If you are going to drill large diameter holes, start with a smaller diameter bit to drill the initial hole and then work up to larger ones. The cast iron powder that results reminds me of pencil-lead shavings. I think it's because cast iron might have a lot of carbon in it.
          Joe Spear


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            you don't need lubricant to drill cast iron, it is self lubricating.


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              Just did mine to add the Mule Cab Router table. Drilling without lube worked better than with. If adding a table, make sure of the clearences for the nuts and washers before you drill.

              Good luck.



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                I have see a lot of machinists drill/machine with no lubricants at all as one the post above states. They just use a water mist to keep the tooling cool.



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                  Re: Drilling 3650 Cast Iron Extensions

                  Hey DWC, did you drill the hole slightly oversized to give you a little wiggle room for aligning the tops? It always seems that I think that I've got things well aligned only to find that there was a little drill drift while drilling.