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Grizzly Universal Knife Grinder

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  • Grizzly Universal Knife Grinder

    Say there all my intelligent and informed friends...
    Does anyone have any opinions on the Grizzly Universal Knife Grinder?
    What do you guys think about this grinder? Anybody actually own this?

    Yoroshiku onegai shimasu

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    Well I have the Craftex version and the specs look identical.
    This tool comes in at number 1 on my worst tools I ever bought list.
    It will turn steel blue in the blink of an eye, after spending may hours trying every conceivable method of keeping the steel cool I gave up. I even setup the long blade holder to do planer knives and had no luck with that either. The stone spins too fast and it is to be used dry, two very poor combinations for sharpening. I can sharpen anything it can much faster with a piece of sandpaper and knife jig on plate glass, when I am done the blade will be true, square, sharp and not heat damaged, with the machine not so much and almost guaranteed heat damaged. POS for sure.


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      Wow, those two are identical aren't they!!

      Thanks Wayne. That was my biggest hangup on the grinder too. I even went through the online manual to make sure i wasn't missing something on water cooling but there was nothing.
      Thanks for the warning.
      One of my magazines or books had an article on a knife sharpening jig. I'll have to try to find that.
      Or if you have a link to one like yours i'll check that out.
      Thanks again!

      Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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        Knowing you Wayne you have probably already thought of this and dismissed it as not feasible but I got to ask; any way to slow the motor down or replace it with a slower speed one? What type of motor is it? Could a variable speed control such as used on a router work or is it not the correct type motor?
        "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


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          This one for jointer knives
          This one for hand planes and chisels
          These stones Either King or Norton 1000, 4000, 8000
          This one to surface the stones and handle scraper blades 8" 325x/1200x


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            Your right Bob but thanks for the thoughts. I have tried it but it is an induction motor, nice and quiet but needs a frequency controller to vary the speed. Waiting for one to become available from work but they are very reliable and almost never fail, when they do they are usually beyond economical repair.