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Dust Collection on TS3650

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  • Dust Collection on TS3650

    Hello and Happy New Year to all!
    After reading all the great reviews of the Rigid table saw model TS3650 and after looking at it at our local Home Depot, I am getting really close to using my old Sears saw as a boat anchor. I do have one question that someone who owns ans uses one of these Rigid saws can answer. How well does the dust collection port work? Can I attach it to my shop vac and hope to collect most of the sawdust? On my old Sears saw, I just have a box to collect the saw dust, so I expect that the Rigid will be a huge improvement.

    One other question. I upgraded the Sears saw with a Vega fence that I relly like. The fence on the Rigid seems to be quite nice, too. Would the Vega be any better on the Rigid?

    Thanks to all of you who seem to post so much good info.
    Dave D

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    Dust Collection on TS3650

    I found the port works very well when connected to a shop-vac. While cutting several sheets of oak veneer plywood for kitchen cabinets, I had the port connected to my shop-vac and found that it picked up all of the dust from below. Of course, it doesn't pick up the dut that might occasionally be created by the blade and spit out across the top of the work.



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      I use a vac connected to the dust port on my TS3650 and it works well. Almost no dust on the floor. However it doesn't do much for any of the dust above the table which can then get airborne or elsewhere.
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        Hello David D,

        I have the 3650 and can't figure how I worked without it. I upgraded from a Craftsman too. I have a shop vac connected to my saw and as the others mentioned, it does nicely at the lower end of the saw. I also use the shop vac for a couple of other tools and find it a bit of a hassle to disconnect then reconnect every time I change machines, since the port is under the saw. Hope this helps. Good luck..
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          Like the others who posted before, I have had good results using the shopvac connected to the 3650. Most of the dust and shavings are picked up from the 2 1/2 port. Only a small amount of shavings land on my floor. There have been many modifications and pics posted here if you choose to search the forum.
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