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Ridgid Dust Collector ???

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  • Ridgid Dust Collector ???

    I picked up a truck full of Ridgid tools (all of the tools are the silver version: jointer, band saw, scroll saw, drill press, and sander) plus the Ridgid DC. Does anyone here own this dust collector? If so, do you have a stationary setup with blast gates, etc.? I would like to set my shop up in this fashion, but don't want to waste the money on fittings, blast gates, and pipe if the collector will not handle it. Thanks for any insight. Also, I welcome any add-on suggestions for the other tools (band saw fence, etc.).

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    I used to own one and it worked poorly on a system. I ended up buying a little larger system. The Ridgid DC is meant to move from one machine to another. It will work on a piped system, just not very well. It would not keep up with my TP1300 with 20' of piping.