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    Hi all and my best wishes that you all have a Happy New Year.
    First of all I am an average wood worker but lucky enough to have a good sized shop with a ts 3650 as my center piece,LOL, My wife and I are wanting to remodel our finished basement that really has not had a face lift since the 60's-70's (we bought in the 90's) I am guessing. The sheet rock walls used to have a vinyl wallpaper that we took down because of the very out dated design and look and all of the trim work was painted.
    My wife and are looking at a Lodge theme and feel for our basement. I will be making an end table as well as coffee table, chairs and some other furniture with a lodge feel to it using landscape timbers. That part is fairly simple but my big idea was to rip many landscape timbers in half and nail these on the walls to give the room a log home style look without actually having to use logs that would be to heavy and a real pain to get into the basement. I would also rip some timbers and use them as window and door trim and lightly sand the whole project walls and all and give it a low luster water based finish.
    Has anyone tried doing something like this? and are there some things I may be over looking by using these timbers? Is there another wood product a person could use other then Landscape timbers that still have a rounded face for the log home look?
    My plan was to just use my finish nailer and nail the timbers into the studs.
    Any design ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Do you have any lumber mills in your area? Go in and ask for a bundle of slabs. Slabs are the initial off cuts made to square the log. Many people use them as fire starter. You could likely get enough wood to do your entire basement for $20


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      I am just guessing but wouldn't those be too green to use right away Wayne?

      As far as using landscape timbers you of don't want anything that has been treated.
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        Jarnhold, I would strongly recommend using log siding (get it at your local lumber yard) instead of ripping landscape timbers. It will look much more authentic and you can rip off the edges to make trim pieces. Has a nice finish (smooth) and will stain or finish nicely.


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          Bob, the mill where we get them seems to have fairly dry slabs, they burn great in the fire pit. I have never measured them with my meter but I bet they are not furnature dry but for the non structural application they should be dry enough.


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            I am going to look into slabs and also log siding (didn't know they made log siding but sounds exactly what I am looking to replicate) I am not sure where we would have any lumber mills in Kansas but I like the idea of using slabs at least for my trim pieces if not more Like anything cost will dictate. I am hopeing to start this project by spring and I will post some pics if it turns out nice LOL .Thanks


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              Jarnhold, Don't know where in Kansas you are, but if there is a Menards close by, they handle log siding and I think Home Depot does, too. (Not sure about HD) If you wish, send me a PM with your e-mail address and I will send you some pics of my family room done with log siding.