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Went into a tool frenzy- my wife is going to kill me

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    Check out posts from Amazon linked above. Depending on your intended use, you might find this to be a little light duty with regard to fence, power, and weight of saw which reduces vibration and helps stabilize when using large pieces of wood in saw. But if budgetary reasons keep you from being able to buy a saw, this is an option. You more than likely upgrade this saw as your woodworking skills grow. Most saws above this quality will start in approximately 600 dollar range.

    My first tool was a bandsaw ,I bought price at Lowes. I'm happy with my purchase, and it does what I bought it to. However, I also know it'll be my first tool I replace when I have rest of shop setup. My experience is teaching me to buy the best quality tool you can afford. i.e. if you spend 6 - 800 dollars on a table saw. you will probably never outgrow it and if it's one of the dependable brands, jet / delta / powermatic IMHO, the tool will end up being a handmedown to future generations.

    I always recommend visiting woodworking specialty shop so that you can see what all your alternatives are. And then you have an educated basis to decide what's best for your needs based on your individual situation.

    Hope this helps


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      I own this Delta saw, but just replace it with a TS3650. Although the motor ran fine on the Delta, it is a lower line model and that shows in certain areas. The fence is pretty poor and will flex at the tail end if the operator isn't careful. It is difficult to keep square. The table extensions are stamped steel and very difficult to keep level with the table surface and the entire table is a bit undersized for REALLY serious work. I did produce some fine pieces and the price sure made it easy to get started though!



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        Consider how "into" woodworking you're likely to become when making your purchase. You might find (as I did) that you outgrow the Delta saw in a year or so, so it may (or may not) be wise to pony up a bit more money for a saw that will grow with you and your abilities. The TS3650 is such a tool.

        Either way, have FUN!



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          Update on parts that were missing on my BS1400. All came today as requested. Good job on this small deal at least.

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