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Went into a tool frenzy- my wife is going to kill me

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  • Went into a tool frenzy- my wife is going to kill me

    Hi guys. I just had to register so I could thank you all for the valueable input I gathered out of your postings.
    I have been dreaming of a nice little hobby shop for some time now and I could not decide whether I should spend my money on one stinkin' expensive tablesaw and wait for ever to get the other machines I want or whether there are some more moderate priced table saws out there which are worth buying.
    So-- yesterday I read then your good comments about the RIDGID TS 3650 and about the sale they have at HD.
    So this morning I said:"What the heck, its Christmas and my bithday as well, lets get the saw!". And off I went with my pick-up truck.

    As I walk into the power-tool section of our local HD I saw that everything was marked down 20% from the already fairly low prices and when the guy asked me what I wish to have I answered: " ONE OF EACH!"
    So I packed up a TS 3650 Tablesaw, a BS1400 Bandsaw, a DO150 Drillpress, a JP0610 Jointer, a MS1250 mitersaw, a TP1300S thickness planer, a RYOBI benchtop grinder, BOSCH router table and a few blades, clamps and tid-bits.
    I was told that I get another 10% off if I open a charge account. This turned out to be a wrong information but they gave me the extra 10% anyways because I was told so and I really had my cart loaded up. SO I got 30% off and paid for all that stuff exactly $1734. You do the math. I think it is an incredible value and I have already put the bandsaw and the drill press together and they work just fine.

    I am impressed by the packaging and by the instructions for assembly. Not the slightest problem. Just don't use the L-wrenches which come with the machines-- they break into pieces when you just look at them.

    I really want to thank you guys for getting me all wired up for this RIDGID product line. I am no pro and I think I will have a lot of fun with my projects in the future, having every single shop machine brand new to my service.

    I will gladly post my first experiences with my new machines, so everyone can benefit from this.
    I certainly will recommend this message board.

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    That is an absolute steal and one hell of a shop for $1734.

    Not only does it make me feel better about my own little frenzy (Delta 22-580 planer, 6" VS bench grinder, Ryobi belt/disk sander), it will give you a lot to do after the divorce paperwork is filed .

    I am going to kick myself for passing up the jointer all year.

    Nice plunder!


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      Let me be the first to welcome you to our little forum and congratulate you on all your new tools. [img]smile.gif[/img] 30% off ! ! Good Job ! ! I am jealous. If you really do end up in the doghouse, just think of what a great doghouse you can build with all those new tools. [img]smile.gif[/img] Keep us posted on your tool assembly progress and don't hesitate to ask if you need any help.
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        This is my first post as well and I too went on a mini spending spree. I had been saving for the tools that I need to finish putting my garage shop together. I happened to walk into the HD on friday night to pass a little time and I saw that all power tools were 20 percent off. That is a deal that doesn't come along often. I tried to keep my composure as I started to make my list. I went home to look at the reviews on the tools that I wanted. I checked the 2004 Fine Woodworking Tool Guide (on newsstands now) and found that the Ridgid bandsaw and drill press both reviewed very well. Both received the editors choice for best value. The guide listed the bandsaw price at $430 and the drill press at $399. With the sale the bandsaw was $280 and the drill press was $200. That appeared to be a deal too good to pass up. I came back the following morning bright and early with the truck and ended up walking out of their with the Ridgid drill press DP1550, bandsaw BS1400, Ryobi spindle sander, Porter Cable plate joiner PC557, and the new Ridgid R2610 random orbit sander. The last piece of shop equipment that I know that I need is a jointer. I was not sold on the Ridgid for various reasons. I believe I may go with a Grizzly here.

        I should note that I had been preparing my wife for this spending spree for months. I have been reading through this forum for a couple of hours now and I love it. I am looking forward to learning a lot from these fellas.


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          You realize that all that buying before Christmas has set you up for buying the wife one heck of a nice gift. Offering to build new kitchen cabinets is one possibility. Either better be nice to her for Christmas!!!!
          Chris Berg


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            Did you actually get 30% off, or was it 20% off and then 10% off that?

            Nevertheless, it's an awesome deal!

            - J


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              When I saw your comment on the percentage math, I thought you must be an engineer, but then I saw that you were from Sunnyvale and knew it! Good to see other engineers out there!


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                Well, I am not an engenier, but you guys are correct its actually 28% off because it was minus 20 minus 10.
                But thanks for the input

                Merry Christmas everyone!


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                  I added the BS14002 and Belt/spindle sander to the stable. DW wanted me to go ahead and get the DeWalt 12"SCMS, a router, belt sander too but I just could not justify it since I have an old radial arm, DW705 and a Hitachi 10" compound ms. It really hurt to pass it up. She was upset that I had to take the floor model BS which was missing a few small pieces. What a trooper! Tool mgr let me out the door for $240 for the BS plus tax.

                  A call to Ridgid was handled very well and all missing items are supposedly on the way. So far so good on the service. I have never had any reason to get any service on my TS-3612 and hope they will never have to do anything.

                  Here's to HD for a pretty great sale, good customer satisfaction, Ridgid for sending parts, and DW for wanting me to buy even more tools!


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                    Boy it is nice to see others that go crazy. I saw the sale Sat night and thought about it all night... trying to figure out how to get a 3650 home and hidden without the wife seeing it . So Sunday on the way back from the dump, I stopped at HD and got the saw. I was so excited that I forgot to ge the Ryobi spindle sander I wanted and had to go back. Anyway got home and confessed that I bought my own Christmas presents! I can hardly wait to use the saw. I have to finish getting some sewer lines run and concrete poured for my shop floor. Plumber comes Monday [img]smile.gif[/img] Have fun with your big score!


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                      I guess Home Depot had my number also with the 20% off deal. I only got 10% off previously. I already had the TS3612 Table Saw,MS12900 Sliding Miter Saw and BS14002 Bandsaw. I bought these tools when I got into woodworking about a year ago. When I saw some tools already on markdown and then 20% off that I was hooked. Like some others I loaded up for Christmas on the EB44241 Sander, JP06101 Jointer, TP13002 Planer and DP 15501 Drill Press for less than $1000. On top of that they gave me a year to pay for it with 0% interest. I just got all of them together today and they all tested with no problems. I also heard that the new version of Ridgid would not have Emerson motors and the warranty will be 3 years instead of lifetime. Anyway thanks for letting me sound off. I appreciate these forums and all the comments as they help a novice like very much. Happy Holidays


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                        Well, Now that we've had a chance to calmly think about which tools we wish we had bought at 20% off...


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                          ... I don't know why that just happened???
                          But anyway I have some good news or bad news depending on how you look at it.
                          The tool crib Mgr at my local HD said she understands that their going to run the 20% promo again in a few weeks...
                          How good the info is I'm not sure but she told me I shouldn't have to wait to long for the new joiner at $320.00.
                          BTW they just restocked the stationary tools and have like six of everything. They never had more than 2 of anything B/4.


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                            That 20% sale was a real pocket buster. Got the circ saw, 1/4 sander and the miter. I looked at the TS3650 table saw but Lowes had the Delta TS300 for $299. I have not purchased it yet. It's on backorder. I am a rookie with this wood working stuff. I have built a work bench, closet organizer and starting on another. Can you or some one else tell me if this Delta is alright for me or if I should get something else. I also down loaded plans from for a 14x10 storage shed ($10). Has any body used this site?
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                              Hey slip,
                              I hadn't heard of this particular saw, so checked the reviews at Amazon:
                     -/B00006JZZL/0/101/1/none/session/ - 35k

                              Cog belt drive certainly is an improvement over direct drive and the price is great. The Ryobi Bt3100 and the Makita are in this class also.
                              Good Luck!
                              \"Is it Friday yet?\"