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    I bought mine for $200 used. It had been on his back porch, gotten wet and had rust spots where the water had pooled. I took some #0000 steel wool and engine degreaser, cleaned up the rust spots. Then I took carb cleaner and cleaned off the degreaser. It doesn't look as new, but the surfaces are flat.

    He also failed to supply the key with the jointer...

    The first thing I "made" after I bought it was a roll-around base, about 33" w by 23" deep. It's based on 3/4" baltic ply, with a 2x2 rail around the top. The bed is as wide as the feet, and about perpendicular with the front and rear deep. It sits with the front legs against the front rail, with the gap at the back. I did it this way because it centers the weight over the base. I can put the dust bucket on the back, snug against the jointer. Everything rolls around quite nicely, even with the gaps between the garage floor pads.

    I have a 4" hose off the jointer, connected via 4" dryer hose to a 4"-2 1/2" adapter. The adapter is attached to one of those paint-bucket tops that Woodcraft sells. The other vent on the top is connected to my shop-vac via a 2 1/2" hose. I stripped off the insulation from a cheap set of jumper cables and tie-wrapped the bare cable to the shop-vac hose. I clip one end to the vac, the other to the jointer. It's cut down on the static buildup somewhat... The jointer is very static-y here in Tucson. With very dry wood, static tends to make the wood stick to the inside of the jointer and plug the chute quickly. A 2 1/2" adapter/hose combination on the jointer chute plugs up VERY quickly; the 4" hose made a big improvement. It still needs some work...I have more static cling inside the jointer than I'd like.

    I like the Ridgid so far. I've ordered a set of Freud C400 blades from Router Bit World, as the current blades are chipped. I bought one of those magnetic blade alignment tools (Woodworker's Source had them for half the price of Woodcraft), and I'll see how the blade swap goes next week or so.

    TMI, I'm's hard to stop once I get started...

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