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mitre saw utility vehicle saw placement

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  • mitre saw utility vehicle saw placement

    just a quick question to al who have the MSUV with their mitre saw, which side of the utility cart are your wheels on???

    in home depot the one they had there had the wheels on the left when facing it, it seemed like the rollers didnt offer much in that configuration, i asked the home depot guy there who didnt seem to know too much and he said he geusses you can put them on either side,

    i put mine on the right side and it gave me a little more usage of the rollers than the other way around,

    the picture on the home depot site shows them on the left

    i know not a big deal, but i just wanna know what u guys did, i was thinking that maybe they put the rollers in the middle of the cart so they can be used with other size saws, i have the 12" sliding

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    When facing the front of the miter saw, the wheels of the MSUV should be to your right, just like you have them.
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